Darksiders wallpaper



Epic wallpaper of one of the games of the year


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Darksiders is one of those great games that arrive to our consoles without the help of big advertising campaigns. When a game arrives in that way and captivates us means it's terribly good.

Darksiders is a must have for all action games lovers out there. You only have to watch some videos and you'll realise the magnificiency of the game. It's amazing.

Graphics, sounds, playability and story. All of them are great.

If you are a fan of War, the first Horseman of the Apocalypse, now you can customize your desktop and set War brandishing the giant sword as your wallpaper. A really well designed wallpaper that will give your desktop an amazing look.

The wallpaper is 1600x1200.

If you need widescreen wallpaper, click here
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